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Royal Canin

Royal Canin Mini Starter Dog Food 1Kg

Royal Canin Mini Starter Dog Food 1Kg

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Best Food for Small Breed Puppies

Brand: Royal Canin


  • Ideal For Transition From Milk Nutritional Response Helps To Facilitate The Transition From Mother's Milk To Solid Food
  • Easy Rehydration Kibbles Easily Rehydrate To A Porridge Like Consistency That Is Very Palatable For Both The Mother And Her Weaning Puppies
  • Gestation/Lactation Support Nutritional Profile Specifically Adapted For The Mother's High Energy Needs At The End Of Gestation And During Lactation

Publisher: Royal Canin

Details: Mini Starter Is Designed For Small Breed Mothers From The End Of Gestation (3rd Trimester) And During Lactation And Young Puppies Up To 2 Months. Royal Canin's Starter Formulas Are A Unique Nutritional Solution That Meets The Needs Of The Mother And Her Puppies During The First 5 Stages Of Life: Gestation, Birth, Lactation, Weaning And Growth Up To 2 Months. Rooted In Scientific Research, Royal Canin's Exclusive Start Complex Is A Combination Of Nutrients Present In The Mother's Milk That Actively Promote Digestive Health And Help Maintain The Puppy's Natural Defenses.

EAN: 3182550778657

Royal Canin Mini Starter Dog Food is the perfect meal for your small breed puppy who has just begun his journey of life. This puppy food is enriched with all the nutrients your little fur ball needs to grow healthy and strong. The Mini Starter food is perfect for small breed dogs as it is specially formulated to promote healthy development and support the puppy's immune system.


With a high content of antioxidants, vitamins and minerals, Royal Canin Mini Starter Dog Food offers exceptional nutritional value for your furry friend. Your puppy will benefit from the formulation that meets the specific nutritional needs of small breed puppies, keeping them happy and healthy. Additionally, this puppy food is easy to digest and has a delicious taste that your pet will love.


Royal Canin Mini Starter Dog Food is ideal for small breed puppies up to 2 months old and is specially formulated to cater to their distinctive nutritional needs. This dog food contains a blend of specific antioxidants to help support the puppy's natural defenses, which are particularly important during the initial immune system development phase. It also has highly digestible proteins and prebiotics, which help maintain the puppy's digestive health.


The best part about feeding your puppy with this dog food is the convenience that comes with it. The 1 kg pack of Royal Canin Mini Starter Dog Food ensures your furry friend is well-fed for a considerable time. It is easy to use and does not require any elaborate preparation. Simply follow the instructions on the pack and mix the recommended quantity with water to get a tasty meal ready.


With the Royal Canin Mini Starter Dog Food, you are guaranteed to give your small-breed puppy the best start in life. Get your hands on it today and watch your furry friend grow into a healthy, happy, and playful adult dog.

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