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Arden Grange

Arden Grange Weaning/Puppy Dog Food - 2 KG

Arden Grange Weaning/Puppy Dog Food - 2 KG

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Brand: Arden Grange


The Best Nutrition for Your Growing Puppy

  • Arden Grange Weaning/Puppy Dog Food is the perfect choice for pet owners who want to ensure their puppy receives the best nutrition during their growing stages.
  • This 2KG bag of food is specifically formulated for puppies and contains a blend of high-quality proteins, vitamins, and minerals that support their growth and development.
  • With ingredients like chicken and rice, your puppy will receive a complete and balanced diet that provides all the nutrients they need.

Supports Healthy Digestion

  • Puppies have delicate stomachs and require a diet that is gentle on their digestive system. Arden Grange Weaning/Puppy Dog Food is easy to digest and does not contain any artificial preservatives or flavors that could upset your puppy's stomach.
  • With added prebiotics and beet pulp, this food promotes the growth of healthy gut bacteria and supports healthy digestion, ensuring your puppy gets the most out of every meal.

Easy Transition from Mother's Milk to Solid Food

  • Weaning puppies can be a challenging process, but Arden Grange Weaning/Puppy Dog Food makes it easier. The small kibble size is perfect for small mouths and can be moistened to create a soft texture that is easy for puppies to eat.
  • Plus, the formula is designed to provide all the essential nutrients that puppies need to transition from their mother's milk to solid food.
  1. Give Your Puppy the Best Start with Arden Grange

  2. Delicious and Nutritious Puppy Food

  3. Easy-to-Digest Formula for Growing Puppies

  4. Weaning Made Easy with Arden Grange

  5. Complete and Balanced Diet for Puppies



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