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Vivaldis Endewor Natural Enzyme Based Deworming Supplement For Dogs And Cats 1X10 Tablets

Vivaldis Endewor Natural Enzyme Based Deworming Supplement For Dogs And Cats 1X10 Tablets

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  • NATURAL SAFE DOG & CAT DEWORMER: Endower is an all-natural de-worming supplement for dogs & cats, and thus causes no side effects like other options available. It consists of a systemic vegetative enzyme formulation that balances the gastro-intestinal system and effectively controls parasites. It has a unique formulation, unlike other deworming products which contain generic and synthetic compounds that worms have become immune to. Thus, prove to be non-effective.
  • KILLS & EXPELS WORMS: Endower dog and cat dewormer effectively kills and expels all kinds of parasite bacteria. It interferes with the developmental cycle and acts at all stages of an including eggs, larva and adult worms. This dog health supplies are ideal for all types of ringworms, hookworms, tapeworms and whipworms. It helps stimulates appetite and prevents your pet from skin disease.
  • CONTAINS NATURAL PAPAYA EXTRACT: Papaya extract, called Papain is also found in En-dewor digestive enzymes tablets. It helps improve the gut health of your furry friends and treats bloating efficiently. Papain is rich in fibre and home to several vitamins that meet your pet’s daily needs. Papain It improves the functioning of your pet’s digestive system and reduce heartburn too.
  • PROBIOTIC ENRICHED DOG & CAT SUPPLEMENT: Enriched with probiotics, Endewor contains Lactobacillus a beneficial bacteria, also known as “good” bacteria, that works with the microflora within your pet's stomach to break down and digest food. These good bacteria also help to keep your pet in good health by combating the harmful bacteria in his stomach that can make him sick
  • RECOMMENDED DOSAGE FOR DOGS AND CATS: Endewor comes with the chicken flavour and thus can be easily administered. For Small Dogs & Cats: 1 tablet twice a day for 2 days. For medium and large Dogs: 2 tablets twice a day for 2 days. One needs to give a two-day dosage each month to ensure a healthy gut for your pet

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Details: Endewor is a vegetative systemic enzyme formulation ,with no side effect that helps reinforce the body's optimal balance of gastro-intestine system and controls the parasites. Capable of acting on all stages of life cycle of worms and not only kills but expels worms and parasites . It also supports digestion and increases the immunity . For small dogs and cats 1 tablet twice a day for 2 days and for medium and large dogs 2 tablets twice a day for 2 days

Package Dimensions: 3.7 x 1.7 x 0.5 inches

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