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VIUSID Detox 30ml for Dogs & Cats

VIUSID Detox 30ml for Dogs & Cats

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Brand: Generic

Part Number: 69128

Details: Detox syrup from vivaldis is loaded with the goodness of regular Viusid + Glutamic acid + Sodium Butyrate + 12 strains of probiotics to help cleanse kidney and liver. This detoxification formula of viusid helps clean kidney and liver. Also it detoxifies the body and aids in elimination of toxins. It also helps recover damaged intestinal tract and strengthens immunity. It is also prescribed along with or after antibiotic therapy to restore the bacterial flora after taking medication. Used post parvo or chemotherapy or colitis or diarhoea or inflammatory bowel disease. Sodium butyrate and glutamic acid helps reduce damage caused by pathogens. Alleviates oxidative stress.

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