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Royal Canin Mini Starter Dog Food 1Kg

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Brand: Royal Canin


  • Ideal For Transition From Milk Nutritional Response Helps To Facilitate The Transition From Mother's Milk To Solid Food
  • Easy Rehydration Kibbles Easily Rehydrate To A Porridge Like Consistency That Is Very Palatable For Both The Mother And Her Weaning Puppies
  • Gestation/Lactation Support Nutritional Profile Specifically Adapted For The Mother's High Energy Needs At The End Of Gestation And During Lactation

Publisher: Royal Canin

Details: Mini Starter Is Designed For Small Breed Mothers From The End Of Gestation (3rd Trimester) And During Lactation And Young Puppies Up To 2 Months. Royal Canin's Starter Formulas Are A Unique Nutritional Solution That Meets The Needs Of The Mother And Her Puppies During The First 5 Stages Of Life : Gestation, Birth, Lactation, Weaning And Growth Up To 2 Months. Rooted In Scientific Research, Royal Canin's Exclusive Start Complex Is A Combination Of Nutrients Present In The Mother's Milk That Actively Promote Digestive Health And Help Maintain The Puppy's Natural Defenses.

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