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Pedigree Pro Expert Nutrition Dry Food, Starter Mother and Pup for Dogs, 10 kg

Pedigree Pro Expert Nutrition Dry Food, Starter Mother and Pup for Dogs, 10 kg

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Brand: Pedigree


  • A starter professional dog food for mother and puppy dogs
  • Provides high energy and Prebiotics that promote digestive health in mothers
  • Strengthens immunity in newborn dogs
  • Provides essential nutrients that help maximize growth potential
  • Ideal for pregnant/ lactating mothers and puppies 3-12 weeks old
  • Serve to puppies in a soft form, as instructed on the back of pack

Publisher: Mars India

Details: Pedigree PRO starter meals for mother and pup delivers expert nutrition to meet the high energy requirements of pregnant/ lactating mothers and 3-12 weeks old puppies. This dog food is suitable for all dog breeds.
An energy dense dog food, Pedigree PRO contains Prebiotics (MOS) for digestive health. It also contains Colostrum that strengthens immunity and digestive system in delicate new pups, and essential nutrients to maximize growth potential.
Pedigree PRO dog food range of products combine high quality ingredients with the science developed with nutritionists and veterinarians at the Waltham Centre. Everything we do at Pedigree is for the love of dogs because dogs bring out the good in us and Pedigree Pet food brings out the good in them.

EAN: 8906002484690

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