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Drools Optimum Performance Puppy Dog Food, 20kg

Drools Optimum Performance Puppy Dog Food, 20kg

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Brand: Drools


  • The best quality protein is used to help the dog attain optimum growth
  • A blend of superior and properly balanced nutrients helps to bless the puppy with wholesome food, which is also delectable in taste
  • Omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids help to maintain the natural beauty and luster of its coat

Publisher: Drools

Details: Drools Optimum Performance offers premium quality food for your puppy, which enhances its chances of achieving its optimum growth potential. Your little doggie is provided with the highest quality protein sourced from real chicken. Having no fillers, the puppy food is enriched with all the essential nutrients required for your puppy's complete and balanced development. It gets digested easily and thus puts less pressure on the digestive system, besides, it also leads to better absorption of the nutrients in the body. Antioxidants make the dog capable of fighting various bacteria and viruses. Suitable for all breeds of dogs, the food provides nutrition to all aspects of your puppy’s health, including skin and coat, dental health, bones, and joints. The food comes in a pack of 20 kg, making it possible to have premium pet food at relatively economical prices.

EAN: 8906043142337

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