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Asbrip Antibacterial&Antiviral Pet Cough Syrup 150Ml,Liquid

Asbrip Antibacterial&Antiviral Pet Cough Syrup 150Ml,Liquid

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Brand: Generic

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  • RELIEF FROM KENNEL COUGH: With ‘Activated Molecular Technology’ from Spain, Asbrip is specially designed to provide relief from dry, harsh, and hacking cough. It also works effectively on sneezing and gagging. This dog supplement helps to prevent spasms i.e. sudden contractions of the respiratory tract during coughing. Enriched with activated Eucalyptus Oil, this dog cough medicine helps to clean the respiratory tract and ensures much-needed comfort to your pet.
  • SOOTHING EFFECT TO RESPIRATORY: Coughing continuously adds to the soreness and irritation of the respiratory tract for your pet. Asbrip dog and cat cough syrup have a unique combination of ‘Activated Peppermint’ and ‘Eucalyptus Oil’ that provides a soothing effect to the respiratory and helps to solve respiratory tract problems in your animals. It improves nasal airflow and relaxes bronchial muscles.
  • ANTIVIRAL & ANTIBACTERIAL PET COUGH SYRUP: The combination synergy of Asbrip effectively helps to fight out the harmful virus and bacteria that cause respiratory tract infections. It helps further spread of the virus in the body and thus avoids flaring up the health of your pet.
  • NATURAL ANTIOXIDANT: Our dog and cat supplement is formulated with natural antioxidants and vitamins to help support your pet with respiratory, environmental, and seasonal problems. The antioxidants, Ascorbic acid and Malic acid contained in Asbrip enhances the immune system and reduces oxidative stress in the body. This 100% natural pet cough tonic may be used for all breeds of dogs and cats.
  • EASY TO ADMINISTER: Asbrip antioxidant syrup for dogs and cats offers a new solution that pet parents can self-administer to get relief their pets from any kind of respiratory infection. It is palatable, liver-flavoured, and thus easy to feed your pets. FOR USE: DOGS and CATS: 1 ml per 5 kg of weight every 12 hours. It can be administered in food, water, on a treat, or directly in the mouth.

model number: DBHI2U3ER923

Part Number: DBHI2U3ER923

Details: Asbrip syrup is recommended for dogs & cats suffering from respiratory tract infections with symptoms like cough, sneezing, fever, kennel cough, larygytis etc. Asbrip contains eucalyptus to clean airways, malic acid which is anti-viral and mint support that soothes respiratory tract and lessens cough. Powerful Antispasmodic, antibacterial, antivital, antioxidant effects.

Package Dimensions: 2.4 x 2.4 x 2.0 inches

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