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Jacky Treats Jaw Clamp Poop, Litter Scooper (26-Inch) for Large Dogs, Small Dogs, Puppies, Cats (Colour May Vary)

Jacky Treats Jaw Clamp Poop, Litter Scooper (26-Inch) for Large Dogs, Small Dogs, Puppies, Cats (Colour May Vary)

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  • ★ Made of lightweight, non-stick plastic
  • ★ Sliding lock to quickly fold the scooper in half for compact storage and transport
  • ★ Great for pick-ups on grass, concrete, dirt, and other surfaces and Easy-grip handle
  • ★Spring-controlled jaw clamps for easy open and close. Measures 26 inches tall.


 Foldable Jaw Clamp Scooper - Medium

 Easily remove pet waste from the yard with this foldable jaw clamp scooper. The convenient tool offers a nice alternative to plastic bags and makes the chore a hands-free experience with no need to bend over or get too close. Its scooping design works well on grass, concrete, dirt and other surfaces. From dog poop to dead things, pick-ups are hassle-free with the Pet Paradise foldable jaw clamp scooper.

Lightweight, Durable Plastic

Made of lightweight, nonstick plastic, the scooper offers effortless manoeuvrability and clean results. Picked-up items resist sticking to the jaw clamp for easy drop removal into a bucket, garbage bag, or waste bin. Even more, the scooper's durable plastic construction ensures long-lasting reliable performance from one season to the next, year after year.

Folds in Half

The scooper folds in half for convenient transport and storage. To fold, simply slide the orange lock up and bend at the joint. The lock's side ridges offer a secure hold when carrying the folded scooper. To return to full length for use, just straighten the scooper and slide the orange lock back into place.

Easy-Grip Handle

The lightweight scooper offers a comfortable, secure hold and can be used with just one hand thanks to its wide, ergonomically designed handle. The open/close lower handle trigger features four finger ridges for added comfort and control. The handle doubles as a hook for hanging storage when not in use.

Spring-Controlled Jaw Clamp

The scooper features a spring-controlled mechanism that opens and closes the jaw clamp with a simple squeeze of the handle. Squeeze to open; release to clamp shut. The device is so easy to use that kids might even ask to take over the task of yard cleanup.

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Package Dimensions: 14.7 x 6.4 x 6.1 inches

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