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Freedom Chicken & Rice Adult Dog Dry Food - 1.2 kg

Freedom Chicken & Rice Adult Dog Dry Food - 1.2 kg

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Superlative Quality Freedom Chicken & Rice Adult Dog Dry Food


Color: brown


  • Nutrient Rich Low Grain High Protein Antioxidant Packed Healthy Coat

Part Number: Freedom

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Experience optimal nutrition with our "All Breed Adult Food." Crafted with real chicken and antioxidants it provides a low-grain high-fiber solution for a healthier lifestyle. With 48% human-grade chicken and eggs it's rich in protein and essential nutrients for strong immunity and joint protection. Omega-3 Omega-6 DHA and no artificial additives ensure a shiny coat and overall well-being while the absence of gluten and GMOs supports smoother digestion. Perfect for dogs of all breeds this food guarantees a balanced and wholesome diet for your loyal companion.

EAN: 8906125482993

Package Dimensions: 30.0 x 25.0 x 20.0 inches

Freedom Chicken & Rice Adult Dog Dry Food is a product designed with your pet's overall health in mind. It offers a perfect blend of rich chicken and rice that will not only satisfy your dog's taste buds but will also provide the necessary nutrients required for maintaining a healthy life.

This high-quality dry dog food contains real chicken as its primary ingredient. It is not only a great source of high-quality protein, which helps in muscle development and energy production but is also highly digestible by dogs. The next main ingredient is rice- a great source of carbohydrates for sustained energy release. This balanced diet promotes healthy digestion and overall well-being.

To add to this, the product does not contain any grains. Grains, which are often used as fillers in many dog foods, can be difficult for many dogs to digest, causing allergies and intestinal discomfort. Freedom Dog Food recognizes this and has thus made their products grain-free. So, not only are you providing a meal that is delicious, but one that's also gentle on your dog’s stomach, making Freedom Chicken & Rice Adult Dog Dry Food an excellent choice for all dog owners.

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