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San Coat for Dogs - A Concentrated Fatty Acids Supplement (150ml)

San Coat for Dogs - A Concentrated Fatty Acids Supplement (150ml)

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Why Choose San Coat Fatty Acids Supplement for Dogs?


  • Gives lustrous and shiny coat
  • Fatty Acids Supplement
  • special role in skin functioning.

San Coat for dogs is a specifically formulated fatty acids supplement designed to promote the health and well-being of your beloved pet. This amazing product is packed full of essential nutrients known to support a dog’s overall wellness and vitality. It offers a potent concentration of fatty acids that are key to supporting a dog's metabolism and immune system.

This 150ml feed supplement is not just another product in the market. It is a testament to our dedication to ensuring that every dog gets the nutrition they need. By supplementing your dog's diet with San Coat, you are providing them with key nutrients that are often missing from their regular feed.

Whether you have a puppy, an adult, or a senior dog, San Coat is suitable for dogs of all ages and sizes. It is easy to administer and is readily accepted by dogs due to its palatable taste. You will soon notice the positive changes in your dog - healthier skin, shinier coat, more energy, and overall happier demeanor.

Invest in your dog's health today with the San Coat fatty acids supplement. Make the choice that many pet owners have already made. San Coat - the trusted name in dog health supplements.

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