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Jacky TreatsCuttlefish Bone Mineral Stone White -100 gm

Jacky TreatsCuttlefish Bone Mineral Stone White -100 gm

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Brand: Petest World

Color: White


  • Product is loosely repackage.
  • Suitable for all Birds, use a practical clip for easy attaching to the cage.
  • Vita Fit Bird Cuttlefish Bone is a 100% Natural Product, Important Calcium and Minerals
  • Supports the Bloodstream, Strengthen the Bones and Eggshells
  • Untrimmed Dried Cuttlefish Bone, For Used As Feed For Birds.

Publisher: Petest World

Details: The Major Component Of Cuttlebone Is Calcium Carbonate, Making Up 85 Percent. The Second Biggest Component In Cuttlebone Is Organic Material, Which Makes Up 8. 9 Percent And Is Mainly Carbohydrate Material. Cuttlebone Is An Important Dietary Supplement For Birds Because It Is A Great Source Of Necessary Minerals And Calcium, Which Helps Birds With Bone Formation And Blood Clotting. It Is A Natural Product And Doesn'T Contain Toxins Or Contaminants. On The Other Hand, Most Artificial Mineral Blocks Are Made From Plaster Of Paris. It Is Also Important To Know That The Artificial Mineral Blocks Contain Whatever The Manufacturer Added; This Could Be Food Coloring Or Seed. Specifications ; 100 Percent Natural No Preservatives Are Added

Package Dimensions: 3.5 x 2.4 x 2.0 inches

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