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Freedom Chicken & Rice Starter (Mother & Puppy) Dog Dry Food - 1.2 kg

Freedom Chicken & Rice Starter (Mother & Puppy) Dog Dry Food - 1.2 kg

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Freedom Chicken & Rice Starter Dog Dry Food - For Mothers and Puppies

Color: brown


  • Nutrient Rich Low Grain High Protein Antioxidant Packed Healthy Coat

Part Number: Freedom

EAN: 8906125482979

Package Dimensions: 30.0 x 25.0 x 20.0 inches

Meet the ultimate nutritional needs of both a mother and her puppies with Freedom Chicken & Rice Starter Dog Dry Food. As a superior nutrition provider, this 1.2 kg of dog food is full of essential nutrients to give both mother dog and puppies a healthy life.

Freedom Chicken & Rice Starter is specially designed to keep the health status of mother and puppies in perfect shape. It’s filled with chicken material as the main protein source to build and maintain lean muscles, while the rice aids in digestion. This perfect blend of chicken and rice provides comprehensive nourishment, benefiting the key health aspects of dogs.

With every serving of Freedom Chicken & Rice Starter, you provide your dogs with 100% balanced nutrition that supports a strong immune system, beneficial for the general wellbeing of your pet. It’s more than just a dog food - it’s a healthy life promise!

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