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Dogspot Potty Scoop Small, Multicolor

Dogspot Potty Scoop Small, Multicolor

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Brand: Dogspot

Color: May Vary


  • Cleans dog excreta
  • Bag or tissue can be added to the scooper
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Cleans public areas efficiently
  • Any color will be shipped based on the availability

Legal Disclaimer: For Genuine Dogspot Products: Dont accept if you dont see "dogspot" sticker on the product

Publisher: Dogspot

Details: The potty scooper is a perfect way to maintain hygiene and cleanliness on the roads. It is convenient to use and is very handy. Whenever you are taking your dog for a walk, carry this with you and pick up the waste with this durable potty scooper in large size. If you are taking your dog to a park it becomes your moral duty to clean after him especially if there are people coming there for a picnic or a day out. You can line this scooper with a tissue paper or disposable bag for convenience. Though this can be used without these as well. Whenever you dog soils just use the scooper to pick up the dog excreta and through it in a bin. This is made of durable plastic and is very easy to clean. Just put it under running water.

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