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BRAVECTO 40-56 kg

BRAVECTO 40-56 kg

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Highly Effective BRAVECTO 40-56 kg (88-123 lbs) for Large Dogs

  • Due to the rapid onset of action of the product, the risk of transmission of diseases by parasites is significantly reduced
  • Product safety was demonstrated in pregnant and breastfeeding treated with an overdose of up to 3 times the maximum recommended dose.
  • The product's safety was demonstrated in puppies aged 8-9 weeks and 2-3.6 kg of weight treated with an overdose of up to 5 times the maximum recommended dose on 3 occasions at intervals less (8 weeks) than indicated.
  • The product was well tolerated in Collies dogs with multiple drug resistance protein deficiency 1 (MDR1 - / -) following a single administration of 3 times the indicated dose.
  • For optimal flea and tick control, the product should be administered at intervals of 12 weeks. Bravecto can be helped throughout the year.

Bravecto is a trusted brand among pet owners for flea and tick management. The Bravecto 40-56 kg, designed for large dogs, is a potent treatment that eliminates fleas and ticks within hours. It comes in a comfortable-to-wear format that doesn't limit your pets' activities, making it an excellent solution for maintaining your dogs' overall health.

With Bravecto 40-56 kg, you can now give your large dogs the protection they need against flea and tick infestations. This powerful flea and tick treatment kills fleas within 2 hours and ticks within 12 hours of initial application. Furthermore, it offers continuous protection for up to 3 months.

Another advantage of Bravecto 40-56 kg is its minimal side effects. Dog owners often worry about potential reactions to flea and tick treatments, but with Bravecto, those worries are put at ease. The product's high safety profile is well recognized, making it a preferred choice among veterinarians worldwide.

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