Vetoquinol Samfur Feed Supplement - 100 gm pack of 2

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Vetoquinol Samfur Feed Supplement - 100 gm Vetoquinol Samfur Feed is a specially formulated to provide a nutritional balance to your furry friends. Made out of natural ingredients, Vetoquinol Samfur Feed Supplement helps in improving the texture of the fur, makes it soft and shiny and also prevents hair loss. The supplement can be administered to convalescing dog and puppies too FEATURES Improves coat texture & prevents hair loss Highly palatable feed supplement Enhances the nutritive value of converntional dog food Essential for convalescing dog & puppies SPECIFICATIONS Quantity - 300 gm Composition - Protein 15%, Fat 6%, Fibre 0.9%, Calcium 48mg, Iron 20mg, Phosphorus 25mg Ingredients - Milk powder,egg powder,carbohydrate,pure ghee & wheat powder Dosage - Pups & cats - 10gms daily with food, Dogs - 15gms daily with food

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