Pro-Kolin for dogs and cats–Probiotic paste to support the gut 15ml + Syringe

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Pro-Kolin: Same product, new designs: We have recently re-branded

so you might receive some old Protexin Veterinary Pro-Kolin. But

don’t panic, it’s the same product; it just takes a little time

for the previous packaging to move through our warehouses. What

is Pro-Kolin? Pro-Kolin is a palatable probiotic and prebiotic

paste with Kaolin, to help firm up faeces, and Pectin, to help

soothe the gut lining. Pro-Kolin is suitable for all ages, even

puppies and kittens – the recommended dosage depends on your

pet’s weight (for more information see below). Pro-Kolin contains

the EU-registered probiotic Enterococcus faecium (DSM 10663/

NCIMB 10415) 4b1707, which can help repopulate the gut with

beneficial bacteria.Directions for use Pro-Kolin is a highly

palatable, artificial beef flavoured paste, available in 15ml,

30ml and 60ml syringes. Give by mouth for as long as considered

necessary or as advised by your veterinary surgeon. Pro-Kolin can

be given up to three times daily.What size Pro-Kolin is best for

my dog or cat? We recommend using 15ml or 30ml syringes for small

to medium dogs and the 60ml syringe for larger dogs.For cats we

recommend using 15mlHow do I administer Pro-Kolin To administer

the correct amount of the product use the handy wheel on the

syringe plunger. Rotate the wheel until it is to the right of the

number representing the desired quantity to be administered (see

diagram below showing the correct and incorrect position for

10ml). Dosage for 15ml and 30ml syringes Weight Dosage 30kg

7ml twice daily >30kg 7ml twice daily Dosage for 60ml syringes

Weight Dosage 25 35kg 6ml twice daily 35-45kg 8ml twice daily

>45kg 10ml twice

The Pro-Kolin for dogs and cats–Probiotic paste to support the gut 15ml + Syringe is evocative, to say the least, but that's why you're drawn to it in the first place.

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