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FREOSSI Daily PAWER 5 gm X 30 Sachets for Cats and Dogs

FREOSSI Daily PAWER 5 gm X 30 Sachets for Cats and Dogs

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Explore the Benefits of FREOSSI Daily PAWER for Your Pets

Meet the nutritional needs of your pets with FREOSSI Daily PAWER. This specially formulated feed supplement provides essential nutrients to maintain your cat's and dog's health, keeping them energized. Each pack contains 30 sachets, each sachet containing 5 gm of the supplement, easy to mix with their daily feed.

FREOSSI Daily PAWER is formulated with the goodness of natural ingredients that contribute to the well-being of your pets. Regardless of their age or breed, this supplement is well-suited to meet their nutritional requirements, avoiding common health issues caused by nutritional deficiencies.

As pet owners, we understand your need to provide the best for your furry friends. With FREOSSI Daily PAWER, you make a conscious choice to boost your pet's health and immunity. Choose FREOSSI Daily PAWER, because your pets deserve the best!

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